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Whoever has goodness is simbolically represented by plus
- to him shall be given and he shall abound. And the opposite.
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This website is The Gospel website and is only about The Gospel (The Good News) from Jesus Christ to all humans:

As the gift from God, anyone can be forgiven all his sins gratis, only by faith alone in Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

I am a lay Catholic of Roman rite.

This website should prove that I am The Gospel preacher (TGp in my e-mail address).

If you benefited from The Gospel preached by me on this website you should show your gratitude for this priceless gift of eternal life and salvation by your gift of gratitude. Especially since I am poor as it is written: "the poor are rich in faith" (James 2:5) and because "God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Corinthians 9:7, Mark 9:40, Luke 12:33).

So you can pray for me and my spiritual and material needs, at least once, at most once a day, 3 Hail Marys or 1/3 of The Mary's Psalter or whatever Catholic prayer or devotion you like (from this website or not, doesn't matter).

Or you can give me a pecuniary gift of gratitude by your credit card or debit card using this e-mail on a secure (https:) webpage of Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) (please, in return for such a great favor use Moneybookers even if you already use e.g. Paypal).

If you want to give me such gift of gratitude anonymously you may ask someone else to give it instead of you and then reimburse him.

"Who has given you authority to preach The Gospel? Where is your approbation? Isn't it un-Catholic to preach without bishop's approbation? Absolutely no lay Catholic is allowed to preach in public as you do without the approbation.".

In cases of extreme necessity (see below) those who normally wouldn't be allowed to preach The Gospel are allowed to preach The Gospel. This holds true in everyday life as in The Catholic Church: e.g. if there is no doctor anyone is allowed to help the sick and the injured; if there is no Catholic priest anyone can baptize.

In recent times we have had followers of Judas Iscariot pretending to be Catholics and holding the highest position in The Catholic Church. Here's the evidence: "there are the Muslims, who ... along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind." (Lumen Gentium, 16.; find it here).

This sentence twice professes apostasy of Vatican 2 council from Catholic and Christian religion: by action ("we adore with the Muslims" i.e. "we adore Allah") and by word ("the Muslims adore God" i.e. "Allah is God"). Muslims deny The Most Holy Trinity so that their deity "Allah" isn't The Holy Trinity of Catholics i.e. God.

Thus by accepting "Lumen Gentium" with the above apostate statement Bergoglio, Ratzinger, Wojtyla and Luciani with full knowledge apostatized before their election (Roncalli and Montini also apostatized before their election by openly associating, as bishops, with atheistic men and ideologies: Roncalli (see under 1957, February 6-10); Montini (see under 5.)) and thus haven't been Catholics nor the Popes but unbelievers and seducers of many unto eternal damnation.

Because it has been defined for good (see here) that no Catholic bishop who deviates from the Catholic faith can be validly elected as Pope, be a Pope, have any papal power nor be due any obedience.

So you have literally thousands of apostates and imposters pretending to be Catholic priests and bishops and not a single Catholic priest or bishop anywhere in the world. Such don't have jurisdiction over Catholics and I can't get the approbation. And since there is almost no one to preach The Gospel I am more than allowed to do that.

Here I must also warn you against those who have professed as Sedevacantists, Traditionalists, Catholic Traditionalists in spite of them speaking the truth about Bergoglio, Ratzinger, Wojtyla, Luciani, Montini and Roncalli as imposters and no Popes. Since such people have chosen to not profess as Catholics they don't have no part with the people who have chosen to profess as Catholics (St. Athanasius, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, all true Popes etc.), that is, no part with The Catholic Church. Profession matters.

Hence beware of them as well as of those who lyingly profess as Catholics while accepting the outrageous apostasies of non-Church and anti-Church, non-Catholic and anti-Catholic Vatican 2 council, of Lumen Gentium and of Bergoglio, Ratzinger, Wojtyla, Luciani, Montini and Roncalli and of many others who have also publicly apostatized by knowingly accepting the above apostasies.

So it goes without saying that all the churches where the above pretending-to-be-Catholics criminals are in charge are to be avoided more than they would be avoided if there were bubonic plague ravaging in them.

Follow the glorious example of The Catholic Church of Korea who in 10 initial years and in subsequent 35 years didn't have a single Catholic priest while in 50 initial years it didn't have a single Catholic bishop (here) and was still the Catholic Church during all those times.

I bound myself before Jesus Christ, The Judge of the living and the dead, to not sell, not publicly expose or in any other way not misuse or cause misuse of the data (name, e-mail address etc.) regarding visitors or givers to this website.

You can send questions, suggestions, comments and objections to this website's content to this e-mail. Also, you can do that anonymously through the contact form below.

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