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Whoever has goodness is simbolically represented by plus
- to him shall be given and he shall abound. And the opposite.
Sin, Redemption, Grace, Justification

The Gospel (The Good News) of grace for every human on Earth

How do I receive the grace of salvation (justification)?

Why do I receive the grace of salvation (justification) only by faith alone in Jesus Christ?

Why does only one religion, Christian religion, lead to salvation (justification)?

Do I really only have to believe to receive the grace of justification?

What should I do (Acts 2:37) to receive the grace of justification?

Does salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ mean that I shall be saved (enter Heaven) regardless of my works?

Sin, evil and suffering


The Original sin

Evil Christians

Holiness (sinlessness) of The Church

Why no non-Christian is saved and why even invincible ignorance of Christian faith doesn't save non-Christians

The One and Only God: The Holy Trinity

Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Angels, devils, Heaven, Hell

The Gospel (The Good News) of grace for every human on Earth

"Then how can anyone be saved from eternal unhappiness?"

Only by being in God's grace.

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"What is God's grace?"

God's grace is God's spiritual gift which alone connects finite human with infinite God through man Jesus Christ. By God's grace human is made a new creature since finite (human) plus infinity (God) equals infinity (God). Thus God's grace divinizes human and makes him participant of eternal Divine life and receiver of Divine gifts.

God's grace cancels the infinite advantage of immoral works and gives human a true justice which is of the justice of Jesus Christ and thus alone justifies i.e. saves human.

God's grace isn't favorable attitude of God towards human because God's grace works (1 Corinthians 15:10-11) and that no attitude is able.

God's grace cannot be merited.

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How do I receive the grace of salvation (justification)?

Only gratis, by faith alone in Jesus Christ. Whoever has faith alone in Jesus Christ receives God's grace immediately and instantaneously and is thus immediately and instantaneously justified i.e. saved (John 3:16). This is The Good News (Gospel) for every human.

But caution here! As is with every precious thing so is with faith in Jesus Christ: there are innumerable worthless counterfeits of the faith in Jesus Christ. See below.

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Why do I receive the grace of salvation (justification) only gratis by faith alone in Jesus Christ?

Only gratis, because grace is a gift from God. All gifts are received without paying for them i.e. gratis.

By faith, since no faith i.e. no trusting someone, no acceptance of a gift he gives.

Jesus Christ, because only Jesus Christ, God Who has become also a man, took punishment in His human flesh for all human sins and thus satisfied perfect justice of God.

In Jesus Christ, because there are humans who believe Jesus Christ but at the same time their heart is far from Jesus Christ (Matthew 15:8) because they don't want, by God's grace (without which it is impossible), to keep The Commandments of Jesus Christ (John 15:10; Matthew 19:16-19; Mark 10:17-19; Luke 18:18-20; 1 John 2:3-4), they murmur against Him or tempt Him (1 Corinthians 10:9-10), whether openly or secretly in their hearts (Matthew 24:48). Such humans believe Jesus Christ but their ways aren't the way of Jesus Christ which alone leads in Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:13-14; Matthew 16:24; John 14:6) and thus they don't believe in Jesus Christ (John 8:30-31) and consequently aren't in God's grace (1 Corinthians 10:5) i.e. aren't justified (saved).

Alone, because only faith in Jesus Christ is both necessary and sufficient condition for immediate and instantaneous reception of God's grace i.e. of justification (salvation).

And because there is always only one truth.

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Why does only one religion, Christian religion, lead to salvation (justification)?

"Aren't you wrong? Usually there are more ways to a destination. How come you say there is only one way (religion) to God?"

Let's say way A leads to the destination, way B also and way C also. Necessarily follows that way A = way which leads to the destination = way B = way C! Ways A, B and C are all one way, the one which leads to the destination. The one and only way which leads to the destination is made of those three ways which lead to the destination. And those three ways don't contradict each other.

But every religious faith manifestly contradicts every other religious faith. Thus no two religious faiths can make the one and only way to God and salvation.

If anyone objects that no religion has the whole truth and that truth about God is dispersed through many or all religions then necessarily follows that in sum all religions are false (because truth and falsity in sum give falsity) and that God, the supreme Truth, hasn't been honored by any human for some time. Absolutely impossible.

Hence there must be one and only one religion which is wholly true while all the other religions are false. The same is in school for example: only one answer in a test question is true (wholly true) while all the other answers are false notwithstanding true parts in them.

So when truth is known pluralism is the greatest insult to the truth and human reason since it falsely implies that no one says or holds the known truth and that all say or hold what is partially true and partially false, that is, false overall. There is no pluralism in school or in knowledge and for good reason obviously. Only when truth is unknown then pluralism of opinions (different opinions) is OK.

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Do I really only have to believe to receive the grace of justification?

No, human receives the grace of justification by faith only which isn't the same as that only faith is necessary for justification.

Proof: all the four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles (very rare occurence in The Bible and thus the proof of its utmost importance) say that it is obligatory for unjustified humans to prepare themselves with God's grace by repentance of their sinful lives (Matthew 3:2-3; Mark 1:3; Luke 3:4-5; John 1:23; Acts 2:37-39), that is, by inner penance - sorrow for their sins and amendment of their lives - sinning mortally no more for the coming of The Lord Jesus Christ to them, in the grace of justification, through/by FAITH ALONE (click here for details).

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What should I do (Acts 2:37) to receive the grace of justification?

If until now you didn't have one and only Christian faith just expounded here

and if by God's grace you now have the one and only Christian faith

and if God's grace has moved you to all this, namely:

to observe whatsoever Jesus Christ has commanded (Matthew 28:19-20), to wit, love God and His Commandments above all and love all humans, your enemies included, as yourself according to the Ten Commandments of God;

to hate sin and all your sins (unless you are in a danger of death when general hatred of sin and all your sins suffices, you must diligently examine your conscience about your sins and be sorry for all your mortal sins (1 John 5:16-17) you remember and for the rest you can't remember; use a detailed Examination of conscience);

to be sorry for all your sins that offended God (Who has been only good to you) and made Jesus Christ go to suffer for you;

to intend to not sin mortally never again (1 John 5:16-17);

to hope and trust in God's grace and mercy;

to intend being baptized by water (in a danger of death or if there is no The Church in public life of your country you can be baptized by literally anyone who uses water and the words "I baptize you in the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost.")

then you have just been justified (saved), you have just believed in Jesus Christ and you have just been received into His Kingdom on Earth: The Church (still make sure you also read this!)!

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Does salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ mean that I shall be saved (enter Heaven) regardless of my works?

On this page you can see why the answer is: in no way.

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Sin, evil and suffering

"Why Christians say that Jesus Christ destroyed sin? Sin still exists."

Because of grace which He won for us on the Cross. Grace destroys each and all sins in human.

"Why we suffer if Jesus Christ satisfied i.e. paid completely for all sins of mankind?"

We suffer in order to justly bear part of the punishment which Jesus Christ endured for our own sins and for all sins of the mankind.

"Why would God punish and demand satisfaction for sins?"

No punishment, no mercy but disregard. On the contrary, the stricter (greater) the punishment, the greater the mercy which forgives it. Also to deter humans from doing evil to other humans and prevent their own suffering caused by sins of others.

"Why God permits horrible evils to be done or to happen?"

Because He gives us to be free. No freedom, no human. Also, to expiate great punishments for our sins and sometimes (in the mold of Jesus Christ) for sins of others because of great quantity of venial sins and great "quality" of mortal sins. And to pray God for His protection and admit how weak we are without Him. And because He will judge every human after death. Etc.

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(1) In our human affairs one is redeemed from offense against other's honor by payment of satisfactory price himself or through another on his behalf. But what price can a human pay for his offense against infinite God's honor by his sin? The price is too high for any human to redeem himself from sin and punishment for it.

(2) Justice requires that the price to be paid be equal to the injustice committed ("an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" principle).

From (1) and (2) necessarily follows that in order that justice be met and full price for sins of humanity be paid the Redeemer must be human to pay the price on our behalf for our sins and God to give sufficient honor to offended God. This Redeemer and God and man in one and the same person is Jesus Christ.

His incarnation and life on the Earth and His death on the Cross are all parts of the Redemption of mankind. If there were no Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and the Savior of humanity, whole humanity would forever be in sins and would thus forever suffer punishment due to them in the place called Hell (see below).

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The Original sin

"It seems absolutely impossible that all humans are conceived in sin as Christians claim. Sin is in human will alone. How at the moment of his conception can anyone have corrupted will?"

Through corrupted human nature (which all humans have, with or without God's grace; due to it all humans, without anyone excepted, tend to sin, sin daily and are sinners) which from the beginning i.e. from the moment of human conception has corrupted human will. Thus from the very moment of his conception every human has the Original sin due to his own corrupted human will and not through his own sinful act or omission of an act.

The Original sin was the first (original) sin committed by the first man. The Original sin has become the sin of human race and true personal sin of every human due to the fact that all other humans except his wife were in the generative power and will of the first man (every generative human act (a.k.a. marriage act or intercourse between a man and a woman) is willed) when he committed the Original sin.

So all humans except his wife sinned in and by the will of the first man.

For illustration of the above: let's say we have a seed from which a tree grows up. Now, if the seed had sinned then the roots of the tree, the trunk of the tree and the branches of the tree would have all sinned by the seed's sin because they were all in the seed as in their beginning.

Objection: "How can the Original sin be a personal sin of a human if the human didn't commit it? This is obviously false and even The Church teaches that the Original sin isn't personal sin."

Reply to Objection: "3. (...) this sin of Adam,--which (...) is in each one as his own, (...)" (decree of The Church on the Original sin).

So The Church defines that the Original sin is in each human as his own sin i.e. as his personal sin. And this is logical since humans with the Original sin alone have their own (personal) guilt before God due to the Original sin and there is no personal guilt without personal sin.

On the contrary, it is illogical and thus false to admit personal guilt before God and absolute need of The Redemption in case of a human with the Original sin alone and at the same time assert that the Original sin isn't his personal sin. How would such a human be personally guilty when, according to this illogical claim, he is at the same time personally without any sin whatsoever?

Whoever is in the Original sin such a one isn't in God's grace.

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Evil Christians

"Why in spite of God's grace Christians are no better than non-Christians and are often even worse than they?"

Because by grace evil Christians had been spiritually raised on high (Ephesians 2:6) and afterwards have fallen from on high. It is far worse to fall from on high than to fall from low place.

Due to God's grace good Christians behave, in positive sense, like no other humans but there are too few of them these days.

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Holiness (sinlessness) of The Church

"If many Christians are sinful how can be true that Church, whose members they are, is holy? Holiness and sinfulness contradict each other."

The principle is simple: "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit." (Matthew 7:18). Since it is impossible to God to sin so it is impossible to His Church to sin because The Church is Divine. Thus The Church can't bring evil fruit i.e. sins. When members of The Church sin their sins aren't in any way sins of The Church because when they sinned they acted against The Church.

Thus The Church is sinless but bears the sins of humans who are Her members in order to save them, sinners, as Jesus Christ is sinless and took on Himself our sins (Matthew 8:17) to save us sinners.

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Why no non-Christian is saved and why even invincible ignorance of Christian faith doesn't save non-Christians

"How can some Christians say that no non-Christian can be saved? Are they true? If yes, what about hundreds of millions or billions of humans who have never heard about Jesus Christ?"

The Bible says:

"For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son: that whosoever believes in him may not perish, but may have life everlasting. For God sent not his Son into the world, to judge the world: but that the world may be saved by him. He that believes in him is not judged. But he that does not believe is already judged: because he believes not in the name of the only begotten Son of God." (John 3:16-18);

"he that believes not shall be condemned" (Mark 16:16);

"without faith it is impossible to please God" (Hebrews 11:6);

"That was the true light (note: Jesus Christ), which enlightens every man that comes into this world." (John 1:9);

and "... God our Saviour Who will have all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth" (1 Timothy 2:3-4) etc.

All who deny that explicit faith in the Name of Jesus Christ is absolutely necessary for salvation obviously contradict The Holy Scripture, don't have the true Christian faith and shall go to the Hell for these things if they don't repent and believe. So all who died without Christian faith perished because they had been enlightened but turned themselves away from the light of grace from the Divine Light - Jesus Christ.

Vincible ignorance (ignorance which can be overcome by ignorant man) of Christian faith is a grave sin of carelessness to learn about Christian faith and itself damns a man while invincible ignorance (ignorance that cannot be overcome by ignorant man) of Christian faith isn't sin at all but is nevertheless privation as punishment for sin (see here in Reply to Objection 1.) through which (not because of which!) one is damned.

For invincible ignorance of Christian faith by definition acquits man only of charge of the sin of carelessness to learn about the Christian faith and of nothing more than that. But invincible ignorance can be easily overcome by God. And whenever invincible ignorance wasn't overcome by God it is only due to man's fault of being ill-disposed to God's grace.

Thus every ignorance of Christian faith results in eternal damnation ("without faith it is impossible to please God", "he that believes not shall be condemned").

Or does anyone want to blaspheme that The Divine Light Which enlightens every human that comes into this world (John 1:9) isn't strong enough for some humans?

Beware that there are no many forms of Christian faith as the world lies. There is only one true doctrine i.e. only one Christian doctrine, the doctrine that is revealed by Jesus Christ and is thus Divine faith. All the other doctrines which claim to be Christian doctrines aren't Christian doctrines but doctrines of devils and are damning lies. See also this page.

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The One and Only God: The Holy Trinity

"How can Christians say that God is one and that each of the three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is God?"

When things are finite every finite plural ("more finite things") is greater than every finite singular ("one finite thing") which is part of the plural. Every finite plural is complex.

But with infinity, that is, God it isn't so: infinite plural is equal to infinite singular because infinity cannot become greater. If there be no plural in infinity one could rightly object that that isn't infinity what is limited with respect to plurality by lack of it.

Thus infinite plural isn't complex (isn't made of parts) as men wrongly imagine every plural to be. Infinite plural is simple (infinite, one and whole)! Hence the three Divine Persons (infinite plural) are only one God (infinite singular) and NOT three Gods and each Divine Person is God and NOT the third of God!

For those who love mathematics: ∞ + ∞ + ∞ = ∞, that is, 3 × ∞ = 1 × ∞ = ∞ ( is mathematical symbol of infinity; God is infinite i.e. infinity itself). Hence The Holy Trinity (Triunity) or Triune God.

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Christianity, Judaism and Islam

"There are other famous religions which also claim to be monotheistic and exclusively true: Judaism and Islam. Why would Christianity be the true religion and not one of them? Isn't Christianity a heretical Jewish sect founded by a heretical Jew named Jesus?"

In the very first verse of The Holy Scripture and the Book of Genesis, where it is written "In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth", the Name "God" is in plural form "Elohim" instead of in singular forms "El" and "Eloah";

that is of key importance since Genesis 1:1 necessarily implies that the Name of God was in plural form at the very moment when God, out of nothing, created Heaven and Earth (that is, everything), that is, that plural form "Elohim" of God's Name at that moment cannot be attributed to anyone or anything except to God alone;

that and the fact that plural form "Elohim" is found in The Holy Scripture at least 5 times more often than singular forms "El" and "Eloah" combined leave absolutely no room for doubt that there is plurality in the one and only God as all God's believers have always believed.

The Scripture says that Noah had sent the birds three times until he saw the waters of the Flood ceased upon the Earth and he got an olive bough from a dove; Noah had also sent the dove three times until The Lord told him to get out of the ark because the Earth had dried (Genesis 8); The Lord ordered Noah and he made the three-story ark (Genesis 6);

The Lord appeared to Abraham in the form of three men whom Abraham adored and called "Lord", not "Lords" (Genesis 18);

Isaac gave blessings to Jacob in the form of three by three (Genesis 27:28-29): Isaac blessed Jacob with dew, corn and wine (first three) with peoples to serve him and with tribes to worship him (second three); then Isaac cursed them that will curse Jacob and blessed them that will bless Jacob (third three, together with the blessings of Jacob);

Even in the blessing with tribes that would worship Jacob Isaac made yet another three by adding another two blessings: be you the lord of your brethren and let your brethren bow down before you;

After praying to God and a sleep (and obviously after being instructed by God) Jacob Israel made three droves as presents to appease Esau (Genesis 32);

Moses was three months old when he was saved from the water (Exodus 2:2);

One of Divine wonders in Egypt were the three days of darkness (Exodus 10:22);

Only on the third day the whole Israel was ready and appeared before God under mountain of Sinai (Exodus 19:11);

God commanded Israel to appear before Him three times a year (Exodus 23:14);

God forced Balaam to bless the people of Israel three times (Numbers 24:10);

After third call High Priest Heli understood and told Samuel it's The Lord who had been calling him (1 Samuel 3:8-9);

David was told by prophet Gad to choose from three Divine punishments: three*** years of famine, three months of persecution by his enemies and of being in their hands or three days of pestilence (1 Chronicles 21:11-12);

*** - in 2 Samuel 24:13 it's written "seven years", which seven evidently doesn't fit the three other threes, but it fits them when other three years of famine that have just passed (2 Samuel 21:1) and a sabbatical year are taken into account

Prophet Elijah ordered water to be poured three times upon the burnt offering on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:34);

Prophet Elijah three times stretched himself upon a widow's dead son praying God to give life back to the boy and it was granted (1 Kings 17:21-22);

Prophet Isaiah heard three times "Holy!" ("Holy, Holy, Holy, The Lord of hosts!") in a vision of God (Isaiah 6:3).

Prophet Daniel prayed three times a day towards Jerusalem (Daniel 6:11(10)) etc.

Prophet Isaiah prophesied birth of a child from a virgin whose child's name translated from Hebrew would be "God with us" (Hebr. Immanuel; Isaiah 7:14), "Wonderful, Counsellor, God the Mighty, the Father of the world to come, the Prince of Peace" (Hebr. Pele-Joez-El-Gibbor-Abi-Ad-Sar-Shalom; Isaiah 9:5(6));

Who would take our sins and die for our justification that is by knowledge of Him (Isaiah 53; cf. Numbers 21:6-9);

Who would come as a Redeemer to Sion (Isaiah 59:20);

Whom The Lord would set to be a covenant to the people and a light of the Gentiles (Isaiah 42:6; 49:8) and an everlasting covenant that The Lord would make with the faithful mercies of David (Isaiah 55:3; 61:8; Jeremiah 31:30; 32:40);

Who would be "the Anointed One of The Lord" (in Hebrew "Messiah", in Greek "Christ") (Isaiah 61:1) and Whose Messianic/Christian covenant (law) from Sion (Isaiah 2:3) would replace Mosaic covenant/law from Sinai (Jeremiah 31:30; 32:40).

All this is exactly what Christianity with The Church has believed and taught: the faith of the Israelites Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David, Prophet Elijah..., that is, the faith of the Israel. Israelites can perish out of Israel because of offences against the religion of Israel (Exodus 12:15; Numbers 19:13) and thus not be Israelites any more. If one contradicts the very religion of Israelites Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Israel, Moses, David, Elijah etc. how can he remain with them i.e. be an Israelite with them?

Koran claims that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus were Muslims (verses from 2:130 to 2:136 here) and yet at the same time Koran explicitly denies The Three in one God, clearly believed by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses (see above), by saying: " ... and say not, Three. Desist, it is better for you; Allah is only one God" (verse 4:171 here).

Thus Koran states a lie when it claims the same belief of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses (all manifestly believed in The Triune God - see above) and the Muslims (deny The Triune God). And God, The Truth Itself, never tells a lie.

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Angels, devils, Heaven, Hell

"Aren't angels and devils inventions of unlearned and superstitious minds?"

It was proven on the previous page that there is infinite spirit called God. Humans are finite and made of spirit (soul) and matter (body). Thus between God and humans there must exist finite spirits, of which some are good (good angels a.k.a. angels) and some are evil (evil angels a.k.a. devils).

"It is easy to show that Heaven and Hell aren't places nor anything real but are superstitions for the unlearned. It is said that the souls of the damned in Hell are tormented by fire. But souls are immaterial and cannot be even touched by material fire. Etc."

On this world immaterial and spiritual human soul is in material human body. Thus human soul can be in material fire.

Human soul is in human body as in place. Some human souls are thus in the place called Hell.

God's power is infinite and thus He makes that human soul don't need matter to be in the place called Heaven.